Change is here. Our environment continues to evolve. Despite the shifts and turns in technology, in frameworks and in mindsets, many leaders remain stifled by their old set ways.

Change is innately shapeless. It is triggered and influenced by numerous factors. While neutral, change bears positively and negatively on organizations.

For the past four years, the Public Sector Human Resource (HR) Symposium has explored the concept of change in the human resource management and organizational development. With HR’s transition from administrative and regulatory functionality to being an integral part of agency strategy, Human Resource Managers also need to level up their capability to actually shape change. They also need to address geo-social relations presented by ASEAN integration. 

One of the main thrusts of the 2017 Public Sector HR Symposium is shaping change in the context of ASEAN integration. The Philippines serves as the Chair for the ASEAN’s 50th year which will be celebrated with the theme “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”. To complement ASEAN’s theme, the HR Symposium will highlight the need to shape change in various levels all the way to the ASEAN Community level.

This July, be part of a learning event that features local and international HR experts as they share concepts, perspectives, experiences and insight on change. Let us work together and enable each other to take the lead and shape change.  

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